Are You Optimizing Life Now? offers:

Say yes to making life as effective, functional and prosperous as possible. op·ti·mize [op-tuh-mahyz]  –verb (used with object)

1. to make as effective, perfect, or useful as possible.
2. to make the best of.

That’s what we are all about.

We do, however, eliminate the ‘perfect’ part of the definition. We believe that any ideas of perfection are limiting, creating obstacles in life, and detrimental to humans! (For anyone who has been given a perfectionist script in their lives, we can help you work through it and replace it with something more human, loving and manageable. )

We happily replace “perfect” with “functional.”  Optimize your life, your relationship, your business and career by making it as effective, functional and useful as possible.  In fact, we would even invite you to make it as prosperous as possible, too.


Personal, Couples & Family Counseling

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    2014exercising-love-logo4g  Sow Peace offers the support, strategies & skills to engage wisely and disengage peacefully.  optimizinglife-2014

The opportunity to learn new ways of being in the world, within yourself and with everyone and everything in your life. That’s a tall claim, and you’ll see how we substantiate it through our programs below.

From personal counselingmediation and anger management to sequential retreats to renew, restore, re-focus and regenerate yourself, your relationship and your business, we have the resources for you.


Say yes to making life as effective, functional and prosperous as possible.
Every program has been created and is taught by Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor and/or G. Charles Andersen, MA.  

For Relationship Help PD James-1At this time–although  it may happen over the GCA PR photo P12years that we will train facilitators–every program is taught by us and no one else. This maintains the integrity of the insights and information, and insures that you are working with the creators and developers of the materials directly.

Say yes to making life as effective, functional and prosperous as possible.


We want every person in our programs to get the most individual attention and most customized response they can, so, we limit the number of attendees in each program. Some programs have only twelve, the largest has twenty-four. You will never be lost in the crowd because of numbers, you might only remain invisible if you want to be.  That’s important to us. We want you to get the most out of your investment of energy, time and money.